Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Beads 1/16" (1.5mm)



Hareline's 1/16" (1.5mm) plummeting tungsten beads come in traditional, bright, and metallic colors and they're countersunk so you can easily slide them around the hook bend. Tungsten is the heaviest non-toxic metal available and gets your fly down the fastest to the depth you want!  20 beads per pack

Also available in the following sizes (with links):

Customer Reviews

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Nate O.
Great Beads for Fast Water

These tungsten beads are well made and environmentally friendly. They get the fly down deep quickly , much better than brass beads for nymphs and streamers in fast water.

Donald D.
Great Beads for Nymphs

These tungsten bead heads work great for nymphs. The weight of the tungsten helps get your fly's down in the water column quickly. I like how I don't have too use split shots or lead wrap when using these beads on my fly's. You will notice a huge difference when comparing these to plain brass or copper beads. I recommend spending the extra money.

Edgar Wright
Heavy Beads / So Many Colors

These beads are hands-down my favorite for when I need my flies to sink down fast. Fly Artist carries every size that I need and the color selection is out of this world. The metallic colors really put off a shine in the water. These beads are fantastic. I can't wait to tie up some more colors this season. Thanks!