Rabbit Dubbing



The original 100% rabbit hair dubbing! Hareline Dubbin is the perfect blend of rabbit fur and guard hairs for creating buggy nymphs, thoraxes on caddis patterns, and much more. This dubbing is easy to work with and has the perfect amount of guard hairs that can easily be teased out to imitate legs or get the right amount of bugginess to your fly that will create a realistic and enticing movement in the water. An essential material for tying the Hare's Ear Nymph! Hareline Dubbin rabbit hair dubbing is available in 48 colors including 3 Hare's Ear blends. Try a few out and see why this dubbing is one of the most popular fly tying dubbings on the market. A mainstay at every fly tyers bench!

We also offer Hareline Dubbing Dispensers with 12 of the most popular colors!

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