Hareline Dubbing Dispensers




Dubbing Dispensers offer a great selection of the most popular dubbing colors, and are organized with labels to help identify them. These handy dispensers are packed full of material, and when you're running low, simply purchase a single color pack, refill, and you're ready to go again. Dubbing dispensers are a great way to keep your fly tying materials organized and your bench mess-free.

Please note: To view the colors in a dubbing dispenser, select the dubbing type from the drop-down menu and the photo will automatically update with that particular dubbing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Erik D.
These things are fantastic

I've been purchasing these dubbing dispensers for the last few years. They're easily refillable and keep my tying desk organized. As usual, FlyArtist carries the full selection, so naturally I keep coming back for more. You won't regret your decision to buy these!

Ron P.

Bought an Ice Dubbing dispenser. As a new fly tyer, I'm still familiarizing myself with all the different materials. These dubbing dispensers are the perfect way to experiment with colors and stay organized. Just perfect.

Jack M.
Excellent Dubbing Dispensers!

These dubbing dispensers are a joy to use. They keep my fly tying bench from getting cluttered and it's easy to dispense dubbing with a quick pinch of the fingers or tweezers. The variety of colors is nice and once I use up a color, I just order another pack and stuff it in the appropriate slot. Do yourself a favor and try these out. You'll never go back to individual dubbing packs that seem to get misplaced.