Ice Dub



Ice Dub is a synthetic fly-tying material that mimics the natural shine and sparkle found in the scales of baitfish. It's essentially a dubbing material with the reflective properties of fine mylar tinsel, which results in an ultra-bright and highly reflective dubbing material that can be used for creating various patterns. It's one of the most popular dubbings for both freshwater and saltwater, provides great sparkle, and dubs beautifully.

Ice Dub is incredibly versatile and can be used to create various types of flies, from nymphs to streamers. The synthetic fiber is also highly durable and will maintain its shine and reflection even if you've been fly fishing all day. The material is relatively easy to use and forms noodles just like regular dubbing without any special tools. With this product, you can create realistic baitfish imitations to bring in more fish. Hareline ice dubbing material comes in standard and ultraviolet-reflective colors, which sparkle deep blue when viewed in sunlight. You can get the individual color packs, or purchase the Hareline Ice Dub Dispenser, which comes with 12 colors, including the popular UV pearl, peacock black, UV tan, pearl, and olive brown.

What are the advantages of using Hareline Ice Dub?

One of the main advantages of using this fly tying dubbing is that it's highly customizable. You can mix different shades of dubbing material to create unique color combinations and patterns that will suit the species of fish you're trying to target. You can blend the dubbing with other materials like feathers, fur, or Krystal Flash to add texture and movement to the fly.

You can also combine it with other synthetic fibers and dubbing, such as Senyo's Fusion Dub, to create a unique fly pattern. Ice Dub can be used to create a variety of body shapes, from slim and streamlined to bulky and well-rounded. This Hareline product is an excellent material for fly tying and offers many possibilities for creativity and experimentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John Demuth
Favorite Nymph Dubbing

Great stuff. I use it on mostly on nymphs. Twists on easily and has a very buggy look. Brown and light yellow are my go to colors.

Fred Espinoza
Great Flash Dub!

I use Ice Dubbing to make brushes for streamers. The flash really brings out the big browns when the water is a little high and muddy. It's my default dubbing when my flies need that extra flash. Really easy to tie with as well. Get ya some!

Skeeter G.
Great Sparkling Dub!

I like ice dub if I want extra sparkle. The long fibers apply easily. As with any dubbing, don't over do it. The flash in this is heftier than in say SLF dubbing and therefore it is a little slicker but still works easily. Dub it right on waxed tying thread without needing to add wax. Awesome fly tying dub!

Kevin Parker
My Favorite Dubbing

I use Hareline's Ice Dub a lot. It is almost always on my desk rather than in a drawer. My favorite use is for adding flash to other dubbings when building heads on streamers. It's perfect for that role. Plus, the peacock is a much more durable alternative to the natural peacock. There's a reason why this is the best selling dubbing on the market. It's versatile and flat out attracts fish!

Robbie Fryan

This is an amazing product! It dubs great bodies and adds a certain fish-attracting sparkle to flies. It's very easy to work with as well. I've always used rust brown rabbit dubbing for my carp/smallmouth flies, but once I started using this product, my catch rates dramatically increased. Great product and shipped extremely fast from Fly Artist!