Krystal Flash



The original Krystal Flash by Hareline! Krystal Flash is comprised of fine strands of reflective mylar that are twisted, giving the flash an intermittent ''scaly'' look. This effective material is used on virtually hundreds of fly tying patterns, and for good reason. Add a couple strands for a subtle flash or tie in even more for greater noticeability. Krystal Flash is great for both fresh and saltwater flies and is a must-have material for all fly tiers. Available in 43 fish-attracting colors!

Customer Reviews

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Blake K.
Hareline Krystal Flash

Need some extra flair on your ties? Throw some of this Hareline Krystal Flash in there and make those fish notice your flies, a little red on some patterns will look like wounded prey and drive the fish crazy!

Jamal A.
Triggers Predatory Fish

I bought the blue krystal flash and had so much fun and success I basically came back and bought every color in one order. This stuff really triggers predatory fish and seems to do a great job on replicating a baitfish pattern.

Russell W.
Still the best in flash material

Easy to use, blends well with other materials, and provides just the right amount of "glitter" to my streamers, candies, and Clousers. Definitely recommend!

James C.
Great Material For Adding Flash

Using this material to add flash to feathered treble hooks, jigs, and spinnerbaits for my bass fishing addiction.

Charles F.
Killer Krystal

This is my "go to" material for when I need to add flash to a pattern using bucktail or craft fur. The stiffness of the krystal flash seems to match up well with those materials quite well. Just a bit is all you need to get that little bit o' flash and make some of your patterns pop a bit.