Zap-A-Gap Brush On

Zap-A-Gap Brush-On


Pacer Technology

Zap-A-Gap Brush-On is a fast-drying waterproof glue that bonds virtually anything in a matter of seconds. Great for coating fly heads, anchoring bead chain and dumbbell eyes, securing foam, and more. Zap-A-Gap is also perfect for fly fishing applications. Create knotless line and leader connections, improve knot strength and smoothness, and repair things in a pinch while you're out fishing.

  • Medium CA+ formula
  • Brush-on applicator included
  • 1/4 oz bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reagan L.
Great for attaching eyes permanently

Easy adhesive to use for attaching adhesive eyes to my lures and flies.

John Smith
Better Than Head Cement

I've always been a purist for tying, but traditional head cement is expensive and lacks quality. Zap a gap is the replacement for that! The brush makes cementing the head a piece of cake and I don't have to worry about the thread coming undone. Highly recommend!

Brayden Hall
Best Fly Tying Glue!

I use Zap-A-Gap when tying all types of flies. It doesn't whiten underwater and holds up to fishing all day. The brush applicator makes quick and easy work for any repairs that might need to be made while out in the field. A must for any serious fly fisherman.