WiggleFin Action Discs / SlideLock Stoppers



ActionDiscs are unique discs that simply slide onto your leader or line before you tie on a fly or bait. They add an erratic, natural swimming action and vibration that has become increasingly important for catching trophy-sized fish in heavily fished waters. Perfect for trolling flies, soft baits, and lures. Available in your choice of 3 sizes!

Size #1: For 1" to 3" long flies and baits
Size #2: For 3" to 6" long flies and baits
Size #3: For 6" to 9" long flies and baits

For best results, use with Mono or Mono Hybrid leader or line.

6 discs per pack (SlideLock Stoppers are NOT included and can be purchased separately in the drop-down menu)

SlideLock Stoppers are adjustable and reusable stopper beads that are self-gripping and allow you to instantly adjust the space between the ActionDisc and your trolling fly or bait to lock-in on the perfect swimming action.

Adjusting the distance between the ActionDisc and the bait changes the action. Setting the disc close to the bait creates a quick, vibrating action. Moving the disc up the leader 1-2" creates a slower seeking action with more movement of the bait horizontally and vertically. Positioning the disc up the leader 1-2 feet causes the bait to dart forward each time the disc activates without effecting the horizontal or vertical movement of the bait at all.

6 stoppers per pack

Customer Reviews

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Bill R.
Great Action!

These work great! I troll them with trolling flies and soft plastic minnows . The action varies depending on how close you place them to the bait . The closer , the more erratic the action . I've caught rainbow and brown trout on them I will purchase them again in the future . Bill R.