Veevus Thread 10/0



Veevus is known for producing the strongest fly tying threads on the market. This 10/0 thread is up to 2x stronger than comparable threads and won't result in excessive build-up. Ideal for tying midge to small-sized flies. Did we mention that this stuff is strong?

  • 100 meter spool (110 yd.)

Also available in: Veevus 6/0, 8/0, 12/0, 14/0, 16/0

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael P.
My favorite fly tying thread

I love Veevus! They make such excellent thread! So strong! This stuff is just as strong as many 6/0 threads Ive used by other companies, but with the thinner diameter its easier to tie finer flies. And while this is round thread, you can unravel it and tie smoother bodies, or split it for the split thread dubbing technique. Probably my favorite thread, and I use it for 90% of my nymphs and dries!

Will S.
Thin & Strong!

Awesome thread for small flies, very little bulk, but I feel like I can put decent pressure without breaking. I will be adding more colors to my collection soon!

Jeremy S.
Impressive Thread!

I can't say enough about this thread! It is strong like 6/0, but is so thin. love it! It doesn't fray, holds great! I will from now on only use veevus threads for sure! I am very impressed! Worth every penny!