Veevus GSP Thread



Veevus GSP Thread (Gel Spun Polyethylene) is the strongest fly tying thread on the market. It differs from other brands in that it was designed with a slight twist, preventing it from opening up, and thereby making tying with it a breeze. Veevus GSP lays flat and is the smoothest thread for spinning deer hair. Each spool contains 65% more thread than other offerings on the market.

  • 75 meter spool (82 yards)

Customer Reviews

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Ty Bennet
Awesome stuff

As I kept breaking off the threads I was using and when I switched to saltwater specific thread was not happy with the way the heads became very bulky. This stuff is unbreakable when tying even after a couple of nicks on the hook point and when its spun counterclockwise it flattens beautifully. Some mention slippy nature and agree when starting off i put a tiny spot of superglue and when forming heads i just wax up thread and have no problems. This stuff is super tough and would say you don't need to even put head cement just double whip finish. I still hit it with UV epoxy. Also superb for anchoring those clouser dumbbells.

Billy Fish
Veevus GSP is the best

If you tie a lot of elk hair caddis, you'll appreciate how you can make small, neat heads with this product. Plus, you can color the white thread easily with markers.

It's easy to become accustomed to the strength needed to tie in your heads on EHC's- as it will never break! I find that the 100 denier works best. Pick up some spools, you'll be happy that you did.

Connor T.

You can’t tie a good streamer without a good strong thread. Veevus gel spun does the job extremely well. Tie down naturals and synthetics with finesse or as tight as you need without fear of breaking your thread. As an added bonus the thread can be split for dubbing or fur “brushes”. I love this thread.

Jason T.
Very Strong Thread!

I like my saltwater flies to be very tight and long lasting, especially after a big fish hits it. Finally, I found some excellent GSP thread by Veevus. It does not break easily so this is just right for my needs.

Dave McCoy
Veevus GSP Thread

I was spinning deer hair and the thread I was using kept breaking. The guys at Fly Artist recommended I try Veevus GSP thread. It is very strong and allowed me to finish the flies. It worked great. Thank you!