Spirit River UV2 Strung Saddle Hackle


Spirit River

Spirit River's UV2 strung saddle hackle feathers are among the best quality on the market. These beautiful UV2 dyed fly tying hackle feathers are enhanced with UV fluorescing and reflecting properties, increasing the visibility and giving off a natural color spectrum more visible to fish. Great for an added advantage when fishing in dark and murky conditions. These hackle feathers are long and easy to work with. Use them for tying streamer tails, wings, throats, collars, and palmered hackles on larger flies. Perfect for steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies, as well as bass and saltwater streamers. You'll love them and the fish will too!

  • 5" - 7" long feathers

Customer Reviews

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Raymond J.
Catches The Fish

Have had good results for both saltwater and freshwater applications - deceivers, poppers, etc...., and have caught lots of fish, which works for me.

Justin Crabtree
Best Saddle Hackle On The Market

For the same price as the woolly bugger or for less than the strung saddle this is what you should get. Don't know if the uv2 process adds anything, but since it doesn't affect the appearance to a human's naked eye why not use it and think that it is adding a little something to your pattern and give you more confidence in your old patterns

Scott Wilson
Great Saddle Hackle + Added Visibility!

I use these on my larger streamer patterns where I want a lot of tail movement and some UV for darker water conditions. I reinforce the first 1/3 core of the tail with bucktail to prevent hook fouling. It works great, still allowing great tail movement. Great colors, good quality.