UV2 Coq De Leon Perdigon Fire Tail Feathers


Spirit River

UV2 Coq De Leon Perdigon Fire Tail Feathers are fluorescent dyed Coq de Leon feathers with exceptionally long, stiff barbs that glisten and quiver with life, making them the ultimate in "Euro" style nymph and dry fly tailing. The UV2 dying process enhances these beautifully mottled feathers with UV fluorescing and reflecting properties, increasing the visibility and giving off a color spectrum more visible to fish. The sheen and shimmer of these Coq De Leon feathers add a special quality to your flies, and a magical semi-translucency in the water. Just move them around under a light and you'll see what we mean! Use these Coq De Leon feathers for any tailing application on nymphs, dry flies, or streamer lateral lines.  These high quality Coq de Leon feathers have been hand-selected for their superior qualities and are available in 7 bright, fluorescent fish-attracting colors. Light your pattern up with fire tails! These are the real deal and we can't recommend them enough!

  • 12 feathers per pack
  • Feathers measure 4.5" - 7.5" on average
  • Imported from the Leon region of Spain

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