UV Chewee Skin


D's Flyes

UV Chewee Skin is a pliable material that can be cut and shaped for many fly tying applications. Great for wing cases, bodies, ribs and more. This material wraps easily, has a natural sheen, and since it DOES NOT have an adhesive backing, it is extremely easy to use. The UV reflective qualities of Chewee Skin also make it more visible to trout, salmon, steelhead, and other game fish, even more so than fluorescent materials. UV Chewee skin has a multitude of uses at the fly tying bench and it's a material that adds that little something that the fish just love. Cut it into strips, wrap it around the hook, and you have an easy and effective worm pattern. The possibilities are endless with this material, so have fun and get creative. Available in 19 fish-attracting UV colors!

  • 2" x 5" sheet
  • 1 sheet per package