UNI-Thread 3/0 Waxed



Crafted by UNI-Products, this 3/0 continuous polyester filament thread sets the standard with its 220 denier and a breaking threshold of 32 oz, ensuring durability without bulk. The 100 yard spools provide plenty of this versatile thread, an ideal companion for flies larger than size #12.

UNI’s exclusive waxing process adds a thin coating, preventing annoying wax build-up in your bobbin tube. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures a smooth tying experience, allowing you to focus on crafting great flies. The rounded profile distinguishes it from flat-laying threads, offering versatility and catering to personal preferences.

Also available in 6/0 and 8/0 versions, UNI-threads provide options that align with the size of the fly you're tying. UNI 3/0 stands out for its strength, making it a reliable choice across various patterns.

  • Strong, waxed fly tying thread by UNI-Products
  • 220 denier continuous polyester filament
  • Breaking strength: 32 oz
  • Comes on 100 yd. spools
  • Ideal for larger flies (hook size #12 and larger)
  • Rounded thread profile

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Henley
Perfect Thread For Trout & Bass Streamers!

This 3/0 waxed thread has the perfect balance between power and finesse. Equal to 220 denier strength. My go to for trout and bass streamers.