UNI Soft Wire



UNI Soft Wire is a non-tarnishing fly tying wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, dubbing brush wire, and as a body component on nymphs and streamers. This high quality wire is an essential material for tying the world famous Copper John. Flies can be tied completely out of UNI Soft Wire, or wrap two different colors together for banded, segmented bodies. Soft Wire is the hottest wire in fly tying and comes in 3 sizes and a ton of great colors. We can't recommend it enough!

  • Small - .008" / 33 gauge
  • Medium - .011" / 30 gauge
  • Large - .016" / 27 gauge

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carl B.
UNI Soft Wire

This soft wire is perfect to tie midges! The variety of colors and sizes make
tying various flies possible. Already caught some on a nice zebra midge I tied with
this wire. I like UNI Soft Wire better than UTC Ultra Wire.

Beau Cottington
Great Wire!

Whether you need a wire accent, ribbing, or the whole body of your fly you can find the size and color needed with this UNI Soft Wire. Great for midges and ribs on wet flys.

Jenson H.
High Quality Wire Spools!

Great wire for ribbing, and for wire body nymphs like copper john, prince nymph, brassies, etc. Available in some great colors. I like this stuff better than UTC Ultra Wire.

Vance LaDuke
Best fly tying wire!

Use this to create segmentation on nymphs by either spiral wrapping a rib or by use two colors together and wrapping the entire abdomen in wire! Awesome colors available as well!

Jacob V.
Best wire on the market!

This UNI soft wire is great for ribbing and bodies. Love the various color options as well as thickness, have them in multiple size and colors.