Tyers Glass Beads



Tyers glass beads are high quality fly tying beads that create amazing visual effects and add a special attractiveness to your fly pattern that other beads simply can't mimic. These eco friendly beads are increasingly being used by the most innovative fly tyers due to the unique and lifelike sparkle that they give off as well as the wide spectrum of colors that are available. Tyers glass beads are offered in transparent, opalescent, iridescent, and silver lined colors and come in 4 sizes to suit all of your fly tying needs. We love these beads and the fish do too! Approximately 40-150 beads per pack depending on the size you choose. The smaller sizes will have more per pack than the larger sizes. You're getting a ton of beads for the money!

  • Midge - 1.3mm (hook sizes 18-24)
  • Small - 2.0mm (hook sizes 12-18)
  • Medium - 2.8mm (hook sizes 8-12)
  • Large - 3.5mm (hook sizes 8 and up)

Note: Some colors are not available in certain sizes.

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