Tungsten Predator Eyes



Hareline's Tungsten Predator Eyes are a popular fly tying material for tying large-profile weighted streamers. These heavy metal dumbbell eyes will sink your flies at a faster rate, getting you down to the strike zone where the fish are biting. They feature an offset axis which lowers the center of gravity on your hook and allows for a more streamlined fly. A popular choice for saltwater, salmon, and bass flies. A must-have fly tying material for tying the popular clouser minnow as well. Tungsten predator eyes are nickel in color and are available in your choice of two sizes and 3 different colored eyes. Try these out, we can't recommend them enough! 10 Eyes Per Pack.

  • Small - 5/32" eye diameter (4mm)
  • Medium - 3/16" eye diameter (4.8mm)

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