Thingamabobber Strike Indicator


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Thingamabobbers combine all of the best fly fishing strike indicator elements into one simple and effective design. These strike indicators cast like a dream in all weather conditions and are easily removable and adjustable, yet stay secure on your line. They are highly visible and will stay afloat even with a bad mend! See why the Thingamabobber is considered by top guides and flyfisherman worldwide to be the best fly fishing strike indicator on the market. We love these things! Available in 4 sizes and 7 popular colors!

  • 1/2" - The easiest size to cast. Excellent for small waters and spring creeks
  • 3/4" - Our most popular seller and works great in most conditions
  • 1" - Great for medium to large flies like stone nymphs and wooly buggers
  • 1-1/4" - For large flies and the roughest of waters

Please note:

1/2" and 3/4" models may or may not have the new 'Jam-Stop' which is an added feature to keep your indicator from moving on your line. These can easily be snipped off if you prefer the original version. This is based on current stock and what the manufacturer sends us at the time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dale Catten
Fast Service

Had my purchase delivered very quickly.

Jim Dent
New Favorite Strike Indicators!

These Thingamabobbers casts really well even into a strong wind. I’ve never had an issue getting a fly to turn over even with 6-8 feet of tippet. If you thread the indicator on to the tippet and then use the jam stop it will stay in place even on long casts with a lot of line speed. Otherwise it’s difficult to change position of the indicator without kinking the tippet. Overall these are my favorite indicators to use.

Joel Bernard
Great strike indicator, casts beautifully

I borrowed one from a friend on a fishing trip and was hooked. This indicator is great, it allows you to cast freely without causing your line to get all tangled. Quickly adjusts which is great in the spring when you don't know what the depth will be when you roll up to a stream. Definitely would recommend for anyone wanting to do some nymphing with the ability to quickly adjust the indicator.

Anita Zimmerman
best strike indicators on the market!

I used to fish with stick-on strike indicators but have switched to Thingamabobbers for most of my nymph fishing. These are no-mess, easy to attach, and easy to spot on the water. The smallest size is perfect for small trout streams with shallow water. Typically, I don't use the jam-stop, but fold, then thread my leader through the opening at the top of the indicator and wrap the resulting loop around the indicator body. The best strike indicators on the market!