Stonfo Elite Bodkin / Dubbing Needle

Stonfo Elite Stainless Steel Bodkin



The Stonfo Elite Bodkin is expertly machined out of stainless steel and is enhanced with knurling and rubber o-rings for a confident grip. The extra-fine point needle comes complete with a custom rubber cover for when not in use. As the name implies, this bodkin is truly an elite fly tying tool.

Customer Reviews

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Classy Bodkin!

I have to admit that my go-to bodkins had been one of my wife's sewing straight pins and a homemade bodkin I'd made - I thought: what could be so special about this bodkin? But, after springing for it, I realize the value... Stonfo has designed a bodkin that is not only elegant but, also very functional. The needle is very slender and sharp and the length allows for a clear, unobstructed view of what you're working on. The handle has a great feel and balance. Stonfo manufactures some of the best tools I've been able to find - maybe a little pricey but, made to last a lifetime - and this bodkin lives up to that reputation for quality and functionality and worthy of being called "elite".

Billy Fisher
Favorite Bodkin

This Stonfo Bodkin is a pleasure to use. Everything was well thought out when designing it. Highly recommended!

Allen W.

This bodkin is the cream of the crop as far as bodkins go. I find the length to be perfect and it's very comfortable to hold with the knurling and rubber rings. The needle is very sharp which allows for precise application whether dropping some head cement on a fly or picking out thread or materials as needed. This is a 'buy once and be done with it' kind of tool as are most Stonfo products on the market. Truly the best tools for fly tying. Wonderful bodkin!