Steve Farrar SF Blend


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Steve Farrar SF Blend is a full-bodied streamer material with Slinky fibers and angel hair flash. Used for fresh and saltwater baitfish imitations, Flash Blend tapers beautifully, holds it's shape well in the water, and has an incredible lifelike movement. This stuff is widely regarded by fly tiers as the best saltwater streamer material. We can't recommend it enough.

  • Bleeding colors incorporate red flash
  • Midnight, violet night, peacock, and herring back use dark green & blue flash
  • All other colors use pearl flash
  • 10" long fibers

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steve S.
Loving the UV colors!

This is the best synthetic fiber for creating baitfish patterns. I already own all of the colors available in the original SF blend but I bought some new UV colors to try and it is even better than the original which I thought was impossible. Expecting to receive more colors in the mail this week from Fly Artist, next weekend should be a fun one filled with tying!

Warren G.
Great material!

This is the best product on the market. It holds it's shape, great movement, doesn't tangle. The best fish catching materials I've ever used. I've recommended this product to hundreds of fly fisherman!

Ronald W.
Pike Flies

I use this SF Blend material for the body segment of Pike Flies when tying. The chartreuse color is best!

Chadwick C.
SF Blend

SF Blend has quickly become my go to materials for tying saltwater streamers. I love the combination of bulk and how lightweight the material is. I won't use anything else nowadays. Awesome stuff and the color selection is endless. I've recently been experimenting with the UV colors and have found them to be very effective for where I fish. Thank you!

Elijah M.
Favorite Fly Tying Material

I started using this after watching a Gunnar Brammer video and I'm hooked. It is very easy to work with and looks awesome in the water!