UV2 Sculpin Wool


Spirit River

Spirit River's UV2 Sculpin Wool is a UV2 processed wool that makes awesome permit crabs, sculpins, or wool-headed streamers. This material is spotless, consistent and remarkably easy to use! It's used on a large variety of fly patterns and will almost always succeed in producing fish. This wool is set apart from others by its ability to give off UVF and UVR rays. UVF is the fluorescence we enjoy that allows fish to see flies at a longer range. However, UVR rays are entirely undetectable to us, but provide an incredibly reflective and enticing view to fish underwater. This creates a unique advantage over some previously wary fish! Just cut 1-inch sections and center tie it under and over the hook shank. Then you're free to trim it to your desired shape. UV2 Sculpin Wool is available in 11 fish-attracting colors!