UV2 Emu Feathers


Spirit River

Spirit River's UV2 Emu Feathers are a versatile and most unusual fly tying material. Emu feathers have applications in streamer and nymph tying. The barbs at their bases are fluffy; those in the middle of the stem are laced with delicate fibers, something like CDC; and the fibers at the tip are defined and shiny. Emu feathers have a ton of movement and can be used for legs or gills on nymphs, and can be palmered or used as wings on streamers. These emu feathers have been treated with a special UV2 dye, which makes them extra visible to fish underwater. A very unique material and available in 7 fish-attracting colors!

  • 4" to 9" long feathers
  • 40 feathers per pack (approx.)