Spirit River Estaz Chenille


Spirit River

Estaz Chenille is the ultimate in flashy chenilles. This versatile fly tying material features translucent and flashy mylar strands with a strong core for increased durability to stand up to the strongest fish. Great for salmon, steelhead, and saltwater fish, but many anglers going after big trout and bass swear by it as well. Use Estaz for creating flashy wooly buggers, egg patterns, underbodies on streamers, and the list goes on. We really can't say enough good things about this stuff. If you're looking for tons of flash with great movement in the water, pick up an assortment of Estaz Chenille colors and see why it's one of the most popular materials on the market.

  • Petite - 10mm diameter (2.5 yds) - A versatile size. Great for most freshwater flies.
  • Medium - 15mm diameter (2.5 yds) - Excellent for large freshwater and small saltwater patterns.
  • Grande - 30mm diameter (1 yd) - Perfect for those large saltwater flies.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Robb


Albert D.

I use Estaz for several fly patterns, including Golden Retrievers, Gurglers and Stealth Bombers. This is high quality material that enables me to tie flies that catch fish.

Captain Roy
A Must Have for Great Lakes Steelhead

If you fish for Great Lakes Steelhead Estaz should be your number one purchased material. It can be used by itself as an egg pattern or as a body on a streamer, either way steelhead love it!