Solarez Fly-Tie Color UV Resin



Solarez Fly-Tie Color UV resin cures within seconds when exposed to UV light. This high quality UV resin allows fly tiers unlimited work time without having to worry about it drying up and hardening while tying flies. Great for hot spots, trigger points, and much more. Cures to a hard, glossy finish without tackiness and won't yellow or brittle over time. If you're looking for the best colored fly tying UV resins on the market, we can't recommend Solarez Fly-Tie Color UV Resin enough!

  • 5 gram bottle
  • Fine tip brush applicator included
  • Outstanding for hot spots / trigger points

Usage Tip: UV curing of color resins is always better when done in thinner applications. If mass is desired, do so with Solarez THICK or MEDIUM first, then color over that. All resins are compatible and stick well to each other.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adam Guerich

The color intensity is no where near as vibrant as shown, I ordered fl orange, fl green, and black. The orange and green are barely colored, and the black is more purple.
I have shaken the ever living hell out of these bottles, so I don't know what gives, but they are garbage.

Tom H.
Beautiful Colors!

I have been using Solarez clear and colored UV resins on all my euro nymphs. The yellow is great over the thin foam on split case nymph wing cases. I use the red on all my red hotspot thread flies and the color really jumps out.

Brent U.
Solarez Colored UV Resin

This is a great quality colored UV resin that I've found to be really durable. I mainly use it for heads and I think flies look so much better with a head that matches the color patterns.

Jack Livingston
Finally A Great Colored UV Resin!

These 5-gram bottles of colored UV resin are amazing. The resin hardens with a gloss that makes an ideal foundation for trigger points, highlight attractors, and fly heads as well. I have been looking for a solid quality resin like this for years – now I've got it. It doesn't yellow or feel sticky when cured. Get this stuff!