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Softex is a clear and flexible coating specifically designed for fly tying. Make epoxy-type flies without the mess of mixing! Softex gives your fly a pliable, realistic feel that fish simply can't resist. Ideal for saltwater flies, the special self-leveling formula completely prevents bubbles and dripping, eliminating the need to rotate your flies while drying. Flies can even be dipped, as it sets in a few seconds, and will never peel, crack, or discolor. Excellent for covering doll eyes or flashy materials as it won't mask the fish-attracting details of your flies. Recoating Softex softens it, allowing you to add more materials and get creative with your fly tying. If you tie saltwater streamer patterns, Softex should be a mainstay at your fly tying bench. Also great for coating knots!

  • 3.5 oz bottle

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