Smith Creek Net Holster


Smith Creek

The Smith Creek Net Holster is changing the way anglers carry their landing nets. This tough, compact, and ergonomic holster keeps the net from being caught in bushes and trees while walking, and from swinging around your back and getting in your face while bending over. It also puts an end to fumbling with a clip behind your back to unhook your net while trying to control a fish-heavy rod with the other hand. “Quick to draw, and easy to holster” sums up this net holster perfectly. Available in your choice of 3 colors!

  • Fits any belt or wading belt
  • Adjustable to hold any type and size of net
  • Works great with front and sling packs
  • Anodized non-glare aluminum finish with UV resistant strap
  • Your choice of Black, Green, or Red
  • Made in New Zealand

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