Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic



The Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic is a modern, lightweight, and ergonomic fly tying bobbin. Whether you're a beginner or a professional fly tyer, the Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic delivers maximum thread control. The tension pressure on different spool sizes can be adjusted through a small bend on each leg or by simply changing your grip strength. Thanks to the perfectly designed ergonomic frame shape, the bobbin holder will fit comfortably in most fly tyer's hands. A ceramic tube, and the well-balanced bobbin holder, gives you perfectly smooth thread control. Smhaen makes some of the best quality and most beautiful fly tying tools on the market, and these bobbins are no exception!

The Bobbin Holder Classic is available in two different sizes. A Regular size, in color red. And a Midge size, in color blue. The Regular size is a perfect all-around bobbin holder. If you are tying mostly smaller flies, nothing beats the blue Midge bobbin for its precise thread control and smaller form factor.

  • Ceramic tube
  • Perfectly balanced weight
  • Funnel for easy threading
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Perfect hold in the hand
  • Regular (Red) - 12 grams, 10 cm in length
  • Midge (Blue) - 10 grams, 8.7 cm in length