Smhaen Bobbin


The Smhaen Bobbin ushers in a new era of fly tying tools designed for improved comfort, durability, and above all else, functionality. Engineered for superior thread control, the Smhaen bobbin features a draw bar that runs through the frame allowing you to adjust tension on the spool by effortlessly spinning the dial. This can be easily done while tying, allowing for precise tension changes on the fly. The internal funnel makes threading the bobbin easy and the ceramic tip won't fray your thread. Ergonomic grips offers a comfortable hold in a balanced position and encourages precise thread wraps. Available in your choice of two sizes, Regular (Red) or Midge (Blue).

  • Ceramic tube
  • Internal tension system
  • Perfectly balanced weight
  • Funnel for easy threading
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Perfect hold in the hand
  • Regular (Red) - 19 grams, 10 cm in length
  • Midge (Blue) - 17 grams, 8.7 cm in length