Rite Half Hitch Bobbin


Rite Bobbin

The Rite Half Hitch Bobbin offers all the great features of other Rite Bobbins, with the additional convenience of being able to half hitch flies using the specially-tapered barrel. Turn out more flies more efficiently, or tie off materials as you tie to ensure that more complex flies are less likely to come unraveled. The Half Hitch Bobbin also boasts a comfortable O-ring grip, which doubles as a temporary thread keeper. A great all-purpose bobbin, fast becoming the go-to bobbin for many fly tiers.

  • Unique tapered barrel and O-ring grip
  • Revolutionary bobbin design allows you to half hitch and whip finish on the bobbin barrel
  • Surgical stainless steel thread tube
  • Unique O-ring and thread keeper grip
  • Perfect for a broad range of hook sizes and tying styles
  • "Click" tension adjuster

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