Ringneck Pheasant Skin



Hareline's ringneck pheasant skins are Grade #1 quality and are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and useful birds with feathers for fly tying. The variety of feathers on these pheasant skins are perfect for tailing fibers, quill bodies, wing cases on nymphs, soft hackles on wet flies, and much more (see our Pro Tip below). Hareline's pheasant skins are extremely clean and the quality and variety of feathers are what you've come to expect from one of the most trusted names in the fly tying industry. If you were to buy only one bird skin to cover a wide range of fly tying applications, these ringneck pheasant skins from Hareline are what we'd point you to every time. Pick one up...they'll last you a long time!

Please note: These skins do not include the head, wings, or tail of the bird. We do offer ringneck pheasant tails separately.

  • Skin measures approximately 13" in length

Pro Tip: Do a search for Jack Gartside and you'll find a ton of ways in which the feathers on these skins can be used.

Customer Reviews

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McFly Angler
The best ringneck pheasant skins!

There probably don't have enough space here to list all the things I use this product for, from collars on wet flies, to tails on some of my smaller patterns. Every feather on this ringneck pheasant skin has a use. Vibrant colors. Great value and exceptional quality!

Alfredo M.
Gorgeous Ringneck Pheasant Skin!

Skin arrived in great shape and it is gorgeous. I love pheasant. Such a beautiful bird. There is a wide range of uses for this skin and if you like to tie a lot of different types of flies you can find a feather on this bird for almost any application. The price is almost as attractive as the bird itself!