Renzetti Hair Stacker



Renzetti hair stackers are the perfect fly tying tool for evening out hair tips for your flies. These high quality hair stackers feature an aluminum body, brass tube, and a padded rubber base. Simply insert the hair ends face down into the brass tube, gently tap the hair stacker on your fly tying bench a few times, pull the brass tube out, and all of your hair tips are even and ready to tie onto your fly. Renzetti hair stackers come in your choice of three sizes depending on your application. Made In The USA.

  • Midge - For small flies or when stacking small amounts of hair (1/4" diameter x 1" long)
  • Standard - All-purpose stacker for most fly tying applications (7/16" diameter x 1-3/4" long)
  • Magnum - For larger amounts of hair typical of saltwater patterns and spinning deer hair (5/8" diameter x 2" long)

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