Peak Rotary Vise Midge Jaw


Peak Fishing

Peak's Rotary Vise Midge Jaws undergo the same hardening and tempering process as their highly acclaimed standard jaw. Midge jaws are specifically profiled to allow more access to tie on smaller hooks. The black oxide finish looks clean and reduces glare in the immediate area of your fly. These jaws are specific to Peaks Rotary Vises and will not work on their non-rotary models. Please be sure that you are buying these for Peak Rotary Vises only.

  • Midge jaws for Peak Rotary Vises (will not fit on non-rotary vises)
  • For hook sizes #16 and smaller
  • Hardened and tempered steel construction
  • Black oxide finish for better fly visibility
  • Smaller profile for easy access to smaller hooks
  • Part # MDG-1
  • Made in the USA