Metz Saddle, Grade #2


Metz Grade #2 Saddles are high quality fly tying genetic rooster saddles with deep, natural, and consistent coloring. These full saddles with durable hackle feathers have long and flexible stems that keep your dry flies floating high. Great for tying larger dry flies in the 8-14 range. The base of the feathers are webby and can be used for tying streamers, intruder style flies, and wooly buggers, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. If you're looking for top quality fly tying hackle feathers to tie larger dry flies with, look no further than these hard to find saddles from Metz. Available in 9 popular colors so get them while you can!

  • Full rooster saddle
  • 8-9" long hackle feathers (tie multiple flies with one feather)
  • Great for size 8-14 dry flies