Flashabou Magnum



Flashabou Magnum is the original and authentic flash material that is 2x wider, 2x longer, 2x stronger for large and toothy fresh & saltwater game fish. Made of soft mylar strands, Flashabou Magnum has brilliant light-reflecting properties and a lifelike movement in the water that fish simply can't resist. It's one of the best materials for tying large profile pike, musky, and saltwater flies. Not only is it a great fly tying material, but it's also perfect for lure making applications for jigs, spinnerbait skirts, and bucktails. Flashabou Magnum is available in a ton of fish-attracting colors, so we recommending buying a few colors to see what the fish are biting on. The fish love this stuff!

  • 1/32" wide strands
  • 20" in length
  • 400+ strands per pack