Loon Water-Based Head Cement System


Loon Outdoors

Loon's Water-Based Head Cement System is a fast drying, quick penetrating, non-flammable polyurethane emulsion that contains no harmful toluene. Dries completely clear, tough and waterproof. An excellent choice for tying plastic bodied, plastic ribbed or foam flies, whose material is attacked by solvent-based systems. 

  • Water-based thin head cement
  • Dries clear and odor-free
  • Includes applicator brush
  • System comes with applicator needle for precision fly tying
  • 1 oz bottle

How To Use: Attach applicator needle to bottle or use applicator brush on lid. Apply desired amount to fly and allow to soak into material. When finished, cover applicator needle with supplied cap or replace lid to resist drying of head cement.