Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin


Loon Outdoors

UV-curing resins with multiple functions, all while curing in seconds.

UV resins allow for infinite work time but cure within seconds when exposed to one of Loon's UV lights. The result: a perfect application with a durable, clean, and glossy finish. The three different viscosities were developed to perform in three different circumstances:

UV Thin is viscous enough to build heads or wing cases, but thin enough to coat bodies on small, low-profile flies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Patrick Hammack
Perfect product

Works amazing, dries very quick when exposed to UV and gives your ties the finishing touch

Bobby W.
Great Thin UV Resin!

Just as advertised. Very thin flowing. Gets into the hard to reach places without changing the dynamics of the fly you're tying. It soaked into the tread and after a little UV it’s solid as a midsized piece of granite.

Albert Dros
Solid Product!

I bought this to use when tying flies like copper johns and perdigons. Absolutely amazing product. The "thin" is the perfect viscosity for fly tying. Sticks to the fly without running or pooling. Makes a nice smooth finish. Hit it with a UV light for about 15 seconds and it makes a beautiful solid translucent shell. Much better than mixing epoxy and waiting hours for it to cure.

Jack Valentine
Excellent Thin UV Resin

I got this Thin UV resin from Fly Artist. It works great as head cement. It is not tacky when cured, and has some elasticity which makes it not as prone to crack. Will be buying more when I run out. Thank you, Fly Artist! You guys have the best customer service in the business.

Craig Collins

I have just started to use Loon UV fly finishes and so far I have nothing but positive feedback. It is quick to harden once UV light is applied to it. It works great at fixing small projects and it does not eat away at the wiggly worm material used to create San Juan Worms. I have been using other products up until now and from now on I will be using Loon UV resins for all of my flies.