Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow


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UV-curing resins with multiple functions, all while curing in seconds.

UV resins allow for infinite work time but cure within seconds when exposed to one of Loon's UV lights. The result: a perfect application with a durable, clean, and glossy finish. The three different viscosities were developed to perform in three different circumstances:

UV Flow is the same viscosity as water and locks in threads as a head cement and provides a super-thin coating to heads, bodies or midges.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Constantine
My favorite UV resin

Perfect consistency for small quill bodies, and perdigons.

Flow Is A Go!

This stuff works well. I find the bottles and applicators to be easy to use and I like that each bottle comes with a brush as well. The flow is very thin and works excellent as a head cement. High quality stuff. Thanks, Fly Artist for sending it out the same day!

Ross W.

I love all the Loon UV Clear finishes. This one being the thinnest of their 3 finishes is great to get penetration into most materials, similar to head cement, but you can hit it w/ the UV light and it's instantly hard and bonding. I have used other UV finishes like Clear goo and they remain tacky. This one doesn't. I will generally then add the Loon UV Clear thin and then thick on top of this one for my salt water fly heads. Loon also stand behind their product 100%. Great customer service. Also try their fluorescent finish to light up your flies!

Damiel Wilson
My Go-To UV Resin

I've tried just about every UV resin on the market, but finally settled on Loons UV resins. The three different formulations cover every application that I need. Great quality and I make sure to have the big bottles around during the winter when I'm cranking out the flies.