Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow


Loon Outdoors

UV Clear Fly Finish Flow is the thinnest UV resin available from Loon Outdoors. Flow is thin enough to work as a head cement replacement, but strong enough to coat heads, bodies, and midges. Cures within seconds when exposed to UV light.

  • Ultra-thin UV curing resin
  • Allows infinite work time
  • Cures hard and clear when exposed to UV light
  • Can be used as head cement replacement
  • Includes brush applicator
  • Available in 1/2 oz or 2 oz bottle

Directions: Apply Fly Finish Flow to fly while indoors or shaded from the sun. Use applicator and/or rotating vise to form into the ideal shape. Expose UV resin to sun light or use a UV light to cure. Hardening should take approximately 15 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Flow Is A Go!

This stuff works well. I find the bottles and applicators to be easy to use and I like that each bottle comes with a brush as well. The flow is very thin and works excellent as a head cement. High quality stuff. Thanks, Fly Artist for sending it out the same day!

Ross W.

I love all the Loon UV Clear finishes. This one being the thinnest of their 3 finishes is great to get penetration into most materials, similar to head cement, but you can hit it w/ the UV light and it's instantly hard and bonding. I have used other UV finishes like Clear goo and they remain tacky. This one doesn't. I will generally then add the Loon UV Clear thin and then thick on top of this one for my salt water fly heads. Loon also stand behind their product 100%. Great customer service. Also try their fluorescent finish to light up your flies!

Damiel Wilson
My Go-To UV Resin

I've tried just about every UV resin on the market, but finally settled on Loons UV resins. The three different formulations cover every application that I need. Great quality and I make sure to have the big bottles around during the winter when I'm cranking out the flies.