Lateral Scale



Hedron Lateral Scale is a durable saltwater Flashabou that is crimped for a scaled look and creates an irresistible fluttering action in the water. It is great for large freshwater and saltwater minnow and baitfish patterns as well as bucktails, spinnerbaits, jigs, and poppers for fishing for warm water species. Add a single strand on each side of your fly and BAM! Lateral Scale is available in your choice of solid and pearl colors. Pick up a few colors to try and see how effective this material is in triggering fish to bite!

  • Approximately 125 strands per hank
  • 1/16" wide by 10" long

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Johnny B.
Amazon Material!!!

Caught many fish on teasers using the pearl and opal lateral scale. Stuff looks amazing in the water and holds up very well!!!

Greg B.
Super FISHY Flash!

This material is not only flashy, but durable as well. Baitfish patterns look great, but I've also glued it to white foam to make great minnow patterns that look almost like the real deal. (If you use it like this, you'll need to coat the glued-on strips with epoxy or nail polish so it stays on the foam after repeated hits by hungry fish!) Great stuff and the crimped pattern definitely adds that extra bit of fishy flash to trigger a strike!

Austin K.
Add Some Realism To Your Flies!

My new favorite flash material. The crimped lateral lines create a more realistic look to my flies in the water and I've gotten more strikes because of it. Great colors and a nice alternative to regular flashabou!