Keough Tyer's Grade Rooster Capes



Keough Tyer's Grade Capes offer an exceptional grade of hackle at an unbeatable price. Bill Keough's dry fly rooster capes have a high feather count with hackle feathers that you can tie size 4 to 16 flies with. The hackle feathers have flexible stems, great barb density, and stiff barbs to keep your dry flies floating high. These have all the features of a great genetic cape that fly tier's are looking for and at a fraction of the price.

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Engel
Keough Tyer's Grade

I purchased Grizzly and Black and found they had an excellent assortment of high quality hackle feathers for many sizes of flies. I'd buy again or may add additional colors.

Sarah Hunt
Great Quality Cape!

The hackles are stiff and firm and a lot of fibers and was received in perfect condition. 5 star service.

Jason W.
Great Alternative to Whiting & Metz

These are my go-to capes for dry flies. I find them to be better quality than Metz and a lot cheaper than the higher priced Whiting capes. Overall a great value and ton of quality feathers covering a wide range of hook sizes. Great capes and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to all of my fly tying buddies.