Hareline Hungarian Partridge Skin



Hareline's Hungarian Partridge Skins are rated as Grade #1 and are the highest quality whole natural partridge skins on the market. Hungarian partridge feathers are the ultimate in soft hackle fly tying material, and these whole skins will give you the largest amount, widest natural color variety, and highest quality feathers you can get. If you're tying soft hackled flies, we can't recommend these grade #1 hungarian partridge skins enough. Pick one up...it'll last you a long time!

  • Full skin
  • Beautiful colors
  • Grade #1
  • Soft hackle material
  • 8" wide x 11" length (approx)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simon S.
Hungarian Partridge

It’s hard to beat Hungarian Partridge when it comes to hackle. Their feathers can be used for wings, wing casings, tails, legs and collars. Hungarian Partridge is mottled in brown and grey colors on the same skin making it an extremely versatile hackle. In comparison to hen hackle, partridge has a stronger stem and rarely breaks when tying on collars for soft hackle patterns. While hen saddle is cheaper, it’s much more frustrating to use because its stem breaks more frequently in comparison to partridge. Highly recommended!

Alan W.
Soft Hackle Feathers Galore!

I purchased the Hungarian Partridge Skin for the sole purpose of tying and swinging soft hackle wet flies. This to me is the best plumage for small soft hackle. A lot of anglers don't swing soft hackles and I don't know why. It's easy and fun. The strikes are sudden and you don't really need a hook set. It sounds lazy but it's a blast. I find it effective in the fall when the leaves are cluttering up the water. Well worth the money for the amount of quality feathers you'll receive. Tie it and try i!