Holographic Saltwater Flashabou



Holographic Saltwater Flashabou features a light-reflecting extreme 3D color effect and is designed for the harshest fishing environments. At 1/16" wide, this is the thickest and most durable Flashabou that Hedron manufactures. It will stand up to the abuse of large predatory freshwater and saltwater fish. Use it to create large profile flies, or add a few strands to each side of your streamers for added flash. Holographic Saltwater Flashabou is a versatile material that can be used for fly fishing, tying bucktail and spinnerbait skirts for pike and musky such as double cowgirls and much more. Available in your choice of 8 holographic colors. The fish love this stuff!

  • Approximately 125 strands per hank
  • 1/16" wide by 10" long