Hareline Hare's Mask Grade #1



Unlock the secret to tying the most irresistible Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear family of flies with the Hareline Grade #1 Hare's Mask. This premium fly tying material is your ticket to creating lifelike, spiky, buggy, and enticingly variegated patterns that will have trout and other finned adversaries biting in no time.

What sets this product apart is its exceptional quality and versatility. The Hareline Grade #1 Hare's Mask boasts a full range of hairs that are spiky, buggy, variegated, and mottled, making it the go-to choice for fly tyers looking to craft the most realistic imitations. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner in the art of fly tying, this product has you covered.

Key Features:

Premium Grade Materials: Our Grade #1 Hare's Mask is handpicked to ensure that you receive only the finest, top-quality hare's fur. This means you can count on consistent quality and the perfect texture for dubbing.

Natural Variability: The natural variation in the fur provides the authentic mottled appearance essential for Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear flies. Each mask offers a unique blend of colors and textures, mimicking the look of real insect nymphs.

Versatile Application: Whether you're tying classic nymphs, emergers, or even wet flies, this hare's mask will provide the versatile dubbing material you need to achieve a convincing and effective fly pattern.

Easy to Use: The natural guard hairs and underfur are easy to work with, allowing you to create perfectly proportioned and highly effective flies.

Customer Reviews

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Clair A.
Excellent Hare's Mask!

These hares masks looks great and were preserved perfectly. There will be a ton of fur to use to make some flies.

Rob Paulsen
Best Hare's Masks for Fly Tying!

I've got several of these masks in different shades, because I like to mix my own hare dubbing. It gives me the opportunity to exactly match the colors found on insects for my nymphs and other wet fly ties.

Although mixing my own hare dubbing is extra work, I feel the effort does pay off, primarily on the smaller spring fed streams that I fish in the Ozarks. These streams tend to be slower moving, there is a abundant forage base, and the trout get wary due to a lot of fishing pressure. But I've found that matching the colors and texture found on insects gives me an edge.

The masks have a lot of guard hairs for that extra buggy look, imitating legs and antenna stemming from a thorax. There's also plenty of fine and light underfur for a smoother look for a nymph abdomen. So I separate the hair primarily by color, and by guard hare or underfur, when I harvest a cape. I usually cut the guard hare off the mask in clumps and and pull out the underfur, and then rake the mask to remove remaining underfur. I store it in clear zip-loc bags for use later. Great stuff at a great price from Fly Artist!

Tyler L.
Best Hare's Masks

Great hare's mask for your buck. Lots of useable fur between the eyes and over the forehead. If you like to make your own Hare's dubbing, you can't beat these masks. Excellent quality and a lot of great colors.