Hareline UV Polar Chenille



Hareline's UV Polar Chenille has long translucent fibers that move with a smooth wavelike motion in the water, very similar to marabou. This popular fly tying material can be incorporated into any pattern for a buggier and lifelike movement. UV Polar Chenille features an ultraviolet hue which reflects light in the UV spectrum and makes it more noticeable to fish.

  • Micro - 1/4" long fibers (4 yds)
  • Medium - 1/2" long fibers (3 yds)
  • Large - 1" long fibers (3 yds)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pedro Z.
I use these on my Game Changer flies

I recently purchased this chenille because I started tying Game Changer style flies. I love the color and the UV flash that is built into the material. It is easy to work with and looks great. I recommend this material and other colors like the white and black.

Max M.
Great Streamer Chenille!

Bought this to tie some drunk and disorderly streamers. Easy to work with and creates a great effect in the water.

Brian Bell
Good stuff

Love the UV polar chenille. Ties easy and adds great shimmer and shine to my flies. Midges, pheasant tails and caddis flies.

Edwin K.
Perfect For Steelhead Jigs

I use UV Polar Chenille on my steelhead jigs and love how it holds up. Awesome product and the color selection is primo.

Freddy "Ace" Gonzalez

Great body material. It has good movement and looks good when light hits it. Can be brushed and positioned as just bottom half of body or top half of body. Versatile. Be careful when wrapping around the shank not to bind up the previously laid fibers in the next wrap around the shank.