Hareline Tungsten Cones




Hareline's Tungsten Coneheads are twice as heavy as equivalent brass beads and are non-toxic to the environment. Use these fast-sinking cones when you really need to get your fly down deep where the fish are. Great for streamers, sculpin patterns, tube flies and more. 10 coneheads per pack.

  • Small - 4.5mm diameter by 3.7mm long (recommended for hook sizes 4, 6, 8)
  • Medium - 5mm diameter by 4.5mm long (recommended for hook sizes 2, 4)
  • Large - 6mm diameter by 5mm long (recommended for hook sizes 1, 2, 4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good quality cones

The cone heads I purchased were high quality heavy cones. I would definitely buy from fly artist again. Fast shipping and quality products!

Ted S.
Heavy & Environmentally Friendly Cones!

These tungsten coneheads are well made and offered in several colors for getting streamers in front of fish in fast water. Heavier than brass cones, these coneheads are environmentally friendly and easier to use versus adding lead shot. Highly recommended!

Justin S.
Great, Heavy Cones!

Worked great for tying triple threats. Very heavy coneheads help get your fly down quickly.

Benjamin L.
Fast Sinking Cones

These tungsten cones are perfectly uniform and slide over my hooks nicely. They add a good amount of flash and are easy to center up on the hook shank with lead wire wrapped behind them. Best of all, it gets flies down deep fast.