Shrimpy Crabby Legs



Hareline's Shrimpy Crabby Legs are thin, translucent silicone legs with coloration that will match the hatch on the flats. With clear middles and contrasting colored tips, shrimpy crabby legs give a hot spot for fish to target in on. If that wasn't enough, these legs feature embedded black and gold speckled flakes that add a lifelike appearance and flash. Use them for shrimp, crab, streamers, stonefly nymph, larger dry flies and more. Excellent for targeting bonefish, permit, redfish and many other fresh and saltwater species. Also great for tying bass jig skirts. With so many can't go wrong with Shrimpy Crabby Legs!

  • 5-1/2" long skirts
  • 1mm wide legs
  • 5 skirts per pack (110 legs total)