Senyo's Predator Wrap



Senyo's Predator Wrap features 4" long fibers that are attached to one side of a small braided thread core and are ready for wrapping. This multi dimensional and long material can build everything from sparse saltwater streamers and baitfish imitations! Great for palmering as over and underwings on your favorite trout, pike, musky, salmon, and steelhead streamers. Predator wrap also blends well with dubbing brushes and easily adds another dimension to your intruders, tubes flies, and marabous, along with many of your favorite steelhead patterns. Easy to trim, easy to use, and quickly becoming a favorite material for many multi purpose fly tyers. Two wraps is about all you will need to create very cool looking collars and bodies. Available in 5 colors!

  • 1 strand per pack
  • 24" long strand
  • 4" long fibers