Saltwater Bass Capes



Hareline's Saltwater Bass Capes have wider feathers that are ideal for tailing and winging. These capes were originally designed for bass flies, but can be used for all kinds of baitfish and streamer patterns for both freshwater and saltwater. Perfect for flat wings, deceivers, hackle for wet flies, and so many more saltwater and pike flies. Hareline has proven for over 30 years that they are the best at dying natural feathers. These Saltwater Bass Capes are a beautiful example of the high quality job they do. Saltwater Bass Capes are available in 10 popular colors!

  • Full cape (neck)
  • Wide hackle feathers for tailing or winging
  • Beautifully dyed colors
  • Approximately 11" to 12" in overall length x 6" wid