Ozzie Possum Fur Piece



Hareline's Ozzie Possum Fur is a versatile fly tying material that can be used for anything from wet flies, nymphs, midges, and streamers. This natural fur from the Australian Brushtail Possum is tough to beat when you need ease of use and a wide range of applications. Soft, buggy, and available in a wide range of natural and dyed colors with an irresistible sheen, Ozzie Possum Fur has just the right blend of underfur and guard hairs to bring your fly to life. Great for working into various types of wet flies, Australian Possum Fur absorbs water well and has solid breathing qualities to ensure your flies are always looking natural. Whether you're spinning it in a dubbing loop to put the finishing touches on a sculpin, dubbing a caddis larvae's body, or tying up some bonefish flies, Hareline Ozzie Possum Fur won't let you down. Available in 11 fish-attracting colors!

  • 1.5" x 1.5" hide patch (approx)
  • 1 piece per pack