Hareline Magnum Rabbit Strips



Hareline's Magum Rabbit Strips are twice as wide as regular rabbit strips and are cut from Grade A rabbit hide. Considered to be the best quality fly tying rabbit strips on the market, each strip is soft and full, evenly dyed, and creates an attractive movement in the water. These 1/4” magnum zonker rabbit strips are well suited for both fresh and saltwater patterns in a wide range of sizes. Great for pike flies and large saltwater patterns.

  • 1/4" wide x 10" long
  • 3 strips per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Morgan Nowels
Excellent Magnum Rabbit Strips!

Just got several colors for tying up some tarpon bunnies for my next trip. Great colors and nice even strips makes it dead easy to tie with and wont brake the bank!

Lawrence Crabtree
Great for Tarpon Toads

Grabbed some magnum zonker strips to tie some tarpon toads. These are great and super easy to tie with!

Frank Wilson
Best Size for Alaska Fly Fishing

I fish a lot of bunny flies, and before my big Alaska trip, a friend pointed me towards magnum zonker strips. At that second, I knew that that was going to improve my fishing time greatly. When i got to Cordova AK, we learned that the fishing season was very poor, and that we should hit the small inlets. On my second cast, i felt a bump, and seconds later, my line was flying out of my reel. This fish was caught on a special bunny fly which used the magnum zonker strips. I landed a lot of fish that day, but, sadly i only tied 4 and had lost them all. I tried them with regular bunny strip, but it just wasn't the same. I now only tie with magnum zonker strips for fish in Alaska.

Eric J.
Perfect Rabbit Strips for Redfish Flies

I tie purple and black redfish flies for murky water situations, and these zonker strips are simply awesome!

Shane Coburn
Guide Approved!

I tied some white, black, and olive zonker flies with these magnum rabbit strips and my guide asked if he could keep a few. Great to work with and you won't believe the action in the water. The fish go crazy over zonkers tied with these strips! Guides see a lot of flies over a season, so that was a great endorsement to the quality of the material. I love these magnum sized ones when going after larger species like bass, pike, and muskie.