Hollow Tubing



Hareline's Hollow Tubing is a soft, pliable tubing with a thin wall that allows for great stretch. It is perfect for wrapping segmented bodies on nymphs, stoneflies, and many other patterns. Many fly tiers insert wire into the tubing for added contrast. Wrap it loose for rounded segments, or add more tension for a flattened or tapered appearance. Hareline's hollow tubing is a super fun material to work with. Try this stuff out and you'll be hooked! Available in 3 sizes and a ton of colors. Approximately 30" of tubing per pack.

  • Micro - For hook sizes 18 and smaller (.02" diameter)
  • Midge - For hooks sizes 14-18 (.03" diameter)
  • Standard - For hook sizes 14 and larger (.04" diameter)

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